There’s No Reason Everyone Shouldn’t Be Trading Forex

Do you know that among all the financial trading markets in the world, the largest market is not the stock market, but is the forex market? Despite this, many people are wary of trading in forex because of the misconceptions that abound regarding forex trading.

Forex trading is unduly risky: Many people are wary of forex trading. They feel that it is very risky to trade in forex. It is correct to say that forex trading, like any other trading activity, carries risk. However the risk can be reduced by acquiring the suitable trading skills and by using the correct software, just like a specialist medical surgeon gets to a high calibre by way of acquiring the required skills and by using the best high-technological and updated surgical tools and instruments. There is no more risk on trading forex than which is common to any other financial instrument when you gain the proper skills and experience.


Forex trading can only be done by big time institutions: This is simply a wrong understanding of forex trading. Gone are the days when big time banking institutions can only trade the currency and forex markets. You can now trade forex with as little as $25 leveraging on your margin account.

Forex trading utilises expensive trading software: Nowadays, you can avail yourself to free trading software that constitutes the trading platform and also charting interface provided online by forex brokers.Opening an account with an established broker will allow you top forex signals provider to access powerful charting software free of charge.

In contrast, in today’s financial world, there exists a great number of people who are trading the forex and making profits from their trades. Indeed, the forex market is now open to all individuals who are trading from the comfort of their own home, 24 hours a day as the forex market is always open.
Trading online and using the free charting and trading interface of the forex brokers, many traders are now using technical analysis and charting methods to day trade and to swing trade forex, depending on their own personal circumstances.

Among these profitable technical traders are what I would broadly classify into two main groups of technical forex traders – those who use various technical indicators such as bollinger bands, stochastics, RSI, momentum indicators, trendlines, CCI etc , and another group who uses charts with only only price action and time price analysis, notably computing the price levels or studying the price patterns and behavior arising from the price patterns and time, with NO indicators at all.

If you are seeking an alternative source of income or a replacement income to your day job, consider trading forex…but remember to consider that as your business, and like any other business, forex trading must not be entered lightly. It requires your commitment to learn how to trade, to become successful and profitable and to create that consistent income for a living.