Local Divorce Attorney Provides Progressive Approach

The Everett Divorce Attorney company Anderson Hunter provides their clients with streamlined progressive approach towards winning a client case.

The well known Snohomish County law firm has been providing excellent services locally for over one hundred years. On of their main family law practitioners is Laurie Ummel. Her unique personalized and compassionate approach makes her clients feel protected, well-advised and understood.

here’s a more comprehensive list of the areas covered by the family law division of Anderson Hunter:

Divorce Attorney
Non-parental Custody
Child Support Modification/Adjustment
Post-Secondary Support
Relocation with Children
Same-sex Marriages and Domestic Partnerships

No matter the issues that need to be dealt with, Laurie Ummel and her team of attorneys are able to tackle any type of dispute resolution that takes place. The question is, are you ready to deal with things now?

Finding the right fit for you:

Sometimes, clients are not ready to move forward with the divorce process. Perhaps unrealistic expectations regarding the process of divorce may be part of that reason. Being informed is important to ensuring that you make the right choice.

The thing is, it might be the  right time for you to move forward but you might be working with the wrong person for your representation. Working with a novice or personality mismatch most likely will leave you in a bigger mess. The right person will help you pick up the pieces and move things forward smoothly till the end. They can help you take care of all the technical details while providing the advice you need to move on.

Dealing with children

Children are precious. The worst thing in the world is to work with an inexperienced attorney who does not understand how to legally deal with the needs of your children.

They are your advocate and yet a 3rd party who will be able to advise you on the safest type of action to take that will get the results you want.

So, being a local blogger on the topic, I wanted to help point you guys towards one of the most respected lawyers in the area for legal advice. I’ll be doing some more reviews of some other local law firms in the near future but more likely then not, you’re going to find everything you need with the Anderson Hunter firm. Being a local provider in the area for over 100 years is hard to beat.