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Students Camp Outside of Regis to Protest War

Since Tuesday, students have been camping outside in the quad next to a cemetary of white crosses to symbolize the human cost of this war. They’re calling it Camp Casey on the Quad, drawing inspiration from Cindy Sheehan, mother of a fallen soldier in the War on Iraq, who camped out with hundreds of other citizens outside of President Bush’s vacation home in.

The camp stared with five tents and seven students and has grown every day, with an expected 16 people camping out.

Organizers say that “camp is a symbol of opposition to what we consider to be a military effort done in our name yet without any moral foundation whatsoever.” The camp will end Sunday when at the End This War Now! rally in Denver.

2,500 join schools walkout

Hundreds of students spilled out of Denver’s North High School on Wednesday morning – officially, an unexcused absence – for a 2.5-mile march that grew into an immigrant- rights rally and served as both energetic political statement and ultimate teachable moment.

Hoisting signs and flags and chanting slogans, the predominantly Latino throng snaked down Speer Boulevard and then along West Colfax Avenue to the state Capitol, where students joined marchers from other schools. They formed a crowd police estimated at 2,500 for a peaceful show of support for immigration reform.

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Denver Bik Co-op in Trouble

Hello Friends,

Many of you are familiar with Food not Bombs and have supported us
wonderfully over the years, you may be less familiar with another project
that is close to the hearts to many of the Food Not Bombers and is also run
out of our house, the Derailer Bicycle Collective (read more about this
project below). ??We are writing you to ask for help.? Please read and
forwards widely, I?ll try to be brief and not take up too much of your time.

Who we are:

Derailer Bicycle Collective is a non-profit volunteer run community bicycle
shop that offers free bikes to the Denver community, the west side community.

Crewleader convicted :: Chicago+Denver :: Labor Day actions

Hello from Immokalee -

While Tropical Storm Ernesto dumps rain on southwest Florida and workers trickle into Immokalee daily from northern harvests, thousands of students are returning to campuses across the country and crafting their organizing plans for the year. This fall and beyond, the stakes are high in the struggle for fair food as McDonald’s continues its attempts to undermine the CIW’s movement for decent wages and dignified working conditions in Florida’s fields.

In response, young people from California to Mississippi to New York are making their voices heard and letting McDonald’s executives know that the Immokalee workers are not alone in this fight. In just a few short weeks, over 60 students and young organizers will meet in Immokalee for the 2nd annual SFA Encuentro (, a movement-building weekend to coordinate strategies and actions for the upcoming year. Although registration for the weekend is now closed, there are still many ways to support the struggle locally. Check for details, and contact us for free organizing resources — including DVDs, stickers, information packets, and more. And stay tuned for bi-monthly SFA email announcements as we shake off the summer doldrums and kick off an incredibly important season!

Longmont youth program directors destroy Latino mural at Youth Center

How ironic is it, we must ask, that, days after a mural depicting Latino

leaders was summarily destroyed by City officials, they have now
announced a youth “summit” to address youth who participate in risky
Earlier this week an 8-foot by 15-foot mural depicting the late Denver
Latino activist Corky Gonzales and other Latino notables, such as Pancho
Villa and Emiliano Zapata, was painted over by the City. Now there’s a
bare white wall with a red stripe.
The mural was a month-long project by members of Latino youth discounted lynda programs


Within five minutes of picking up the first edition of

the Resister, my friend walked up and said, “Have you

seen the new women’s zine?” I held up my recently
acquired and sweetly anticipated Resister and said,
“this?” “Yeah, isn’t it great,” he said with
solidarity. I replied carefully, “Yeah, but I think
sexism is just the theme for this addition.” He
replied that if it was about women and written by
women then it was for women. This hurt my feelings. It
is painful to realize that men in the progressive left
still think that sexism is a woman’s marriage issue.

Colorado Restaurants Raided

Immigration News Briefs

On Dec. 2 in Aspen, Colorado, 53 officers from ICE and other law
enforcement agencies raided two long-established restaurants in
the heart of the city’s main shopping district, making nine
arrests for alleged drug involvement. The agents also stormed the
kitchens and arrested 11 workers on immigration law violations.
The raids at Cooper Street Pier and Little Annie’s Eating House
were carried out by agents from ICE, the US Drug Enforcement
Administration (DEA), the Colorado Department of Revenue and
local police from Aspen and Snowmass Village.

Police Look Into Graffiti

Police look for info on graffiti

By the Star-Tribune staff

Casper police are looking for information connected with more than two dozen pieces of spraypainted graffiti that have been found on buildings and vehicles in recent weeks.

Sgt. Brad Wnuk said there are indications that “younger people” might be responsible for the vandalism. The graffiti has been spraypainted in different colors, and has contained various words — “reapers,” “the pirate” and “anarchist” — along with the letter ‘A’ inside a circle, which is sometimes used as a symbol for anarchism.

Schools, businesses and three police cars have been painted in what Wnuk said has been a string of activity reported “pretty much across town.”

Holiday Inn Evicts Entire Mobile Home Park

‘Affordable’ housing not an option

Boomerang Staff Writer

(Editor’s note: this is the fifth in a series about the residents of the Overland Trail Mobile Home Park and Timberline Hospitalities.)

Residents of a mobile home park that is being vacated say they’ve had trouble finding other places in Laramie where they can afford to live.

“Everybody has had a difficult time. My husband and I have been looking for an apartment with two bedrooms. They’re astronomical,” said Nancy Fletcher, a resident of the park.

About 100 people who live in the Overland Trail Mobile Home Park need to find new digs by May 15. Timberline Hospitalities, based in Casper, has bought the park near Grand and 30th and plans to build a Holiday Inn there.

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